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Last updated: January 5, 2023

Change is painful, but nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong. Changing my major from business administration to information technology hurt as only 31 credits transferred from the business administration degree program to the information technology degree program. Below is the list of classes needed to earn a Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance. I will be updating my progress regularly and blogging about my experience with the class, additional resources discoveries, and any tips and tricks I learn along the way.

Current Term0 of 10 Completed
IDCourse NameCreditsStartEndDone in
C836Fundamentals of Information Security31/4/231/5/231 Day
C841Legal Issues in Information Security41/4/23
C393IT Foundations4
C846Business of IT - Applications4
Cumulative27 of 122 Completed
IDCourse NameCreditsStartEndDone in
C165Integrated Physical Sciences301/01/2301/01/23Transfer
C168Critical Thinking and Logic301/01/2301/01/23Transfer
C182Introduction to IT401/01/2301/01/23Transfer
C255Introduction to Geography301/01/2301/01/23Transfer
C455English Composition I301/01/2301/01/23Transfer
C456English Composition II301/01/2301/01/23Transfer
C464Introduction to Communication301/01/2301/01/23Transfer
C836Fundamentals of Information Security301/04/2301/05/231 Day
C955Applied Probability and Statistics301/01/2301/01/23Transfer
C957Applied Algebra301/01/2301/01/23Transfer
C961Ethics in Technology301/01/2301/01/23Transfer
C170Data Management - Applications4
C172Network and Security - Foundations3
C173Scripting and Programming - Foundations3
C175Data Management -Foundations3
C176Business of IT -Project Management4
C178Network and Security - Applications4
C393IT - Foundations4
C394IT - Applications4
C768Technical Communication3
C769IT Capstone Written Project4
C779Web Development Foundations 3
C838Managing Cloud Security4
C840Digital Forensics in Cybersecurity4
C841Legal Issues in Information Security4
C842Cyber Defense and Countermeasures4
C843Managing Information Security6
C844Emerging Technologies in Cyber Security4
C845Information Systems Security4
C846Business of IT - Applications4
C963American Politics and the US Constitution3
D153Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Analysis4
D839Introduction to Cryptography4
Alexander Deets Cybersecurity & Information Assurance Student


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