Alexander Deets Cybersecurity & Information Assurance Student



I’m a new cybersecurity & information assurance student living in Dallas, Texas. I have always considered myself an innovative adopter consumer for technology. From the humble super floppy disk “Zip drive” to the Wearable Keyboard “Tap Strap” I am obsessed! That is why the decision to enter a field that requires extensive knowledge of technology inside and out was an easy decision.

The reason for this blog is to connect and grow with you! I want to meet you, my new community, classmates, industry professionals, and other tech enthusiasts. I want to share whatever I can with you to strengthen and support each other. I want people outside the industry to see the human side of the information technology industry. So, let’s do this!

Alexander Deets Cybersecurity & Information Assurance Student


- 34 days ago

Ok I know that I am very new to the game here but this one hit hard! I hate when I forget a semicolon or bracket. #codingIssues #python3